About Our Firm

About Jackson Jones Law

IRJLAW5We represent the Injured.  At Jackson Jones Law, we only do one thing – we help those whose lives have been changed because of the negligence of another.  We are a small office for a reason—we want to serve our clients on a case by case basis.  Clint Jones and Isaac Jackson have similar backgrounds.  They both graduated from Oregon Law School, both worked for insurance defense, and both decided that they didn’t want to represent huge insurance companies.

Our firm is unique.  We are not two lawyers who work separately on separate cases – we work on every case together.  Our team of employees is built with one goal: help our clients get through the messes they are in.  We look at every opportunity to help our clients move on and get timely results. We don’t file lawsuits without thoughtful consideration, but when we do we are aggressive and seek the opportunity to tell the story to the jury.

We are accessible.  If you are a client or a member of this community, we are always available.  We don’t take a lot of cases, but we are willing to at least discuss your case, educate you on your rights, and point you in the right direction.  Do not hesitate to contact us.  Email us through this site or call us at 541.225.5061.