Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Jackson Jones Law was founded in 2014 by Isaac Jackson and Clint Jones to serve communities across Oregon. Below is a list of services, but we are open to discussing your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Auto Accident

We provide legal advocacy and counsel for victims of auto accidents. We can advise you on your claim and help you seek compensation for your personal loss.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Accident

We service the legal needs of bicyclists as well as motorists. Your personal injury claim is meaningful and should be taken seriously.

Elder Abuse

We care about elders and seek to provide counsel and legal advocacy for those who feel their loved ones have been neglected or vulnerable to insufficient care giving.

General Injury

We provide initial counsel for anyone seeking legal advice. We work with other professionals with varied industry experience and can refer clients whose needs do not fit within the scope of what we have to offer. Contact Us.

Motorcycle Accident

We defend motorcyclists whose injury claims may often go ignored. We are experienced in motorcycle law and how it differs from other automobile insurance law. We can also provide legal advice in preventative care.

Personal Injury

We are passionate about helping people restore themselves to a pre-accident lifestyle. We understand that personal injury affects many areas of your life and relationships. We want to help bring healing and restoration through legal advocacy.

Truck Accident

We understand that automobiles vary in size and liability. Our firm seeks to advocate for the specific needs of our clients. Trucks sometimes have their own special categories and we can provide legal counsel that best serves our client in a truck accident.

Victim Advocate

We want to work on behalf of victims in any circumstance, defending those who cannot defend themselves. Our knowledge of the law and specific insurance action is at your disposal. Please contact us for assistance in your area of need.

Violent Accident

Some accidents are especially violent and they require specialized care and restoration. We are confident to provide sufficient counsel in order to meet future obligations that may arise in the case of especially violent accidents. We care and maintain a sensitive and kind courtesy to our clients.

Wrongful Death

We understand the death is personal and requires sensitivity. We seek to care for our clients well being, personally and financially. Our expertise is available to you with a kind and courteous professionalism as you seek closure even in the most difficult cases.