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Clint Jones

Clinton J. Jones attended California State University Long Beach before being accepted to the University of Oregon School of Law, in Eugene.

 After graduating from law school, Clint worked as a judicial clerk for the Hon. Charles D. Carlson, and Hon. Lyle Velure in Lane County Circuit Court for the State of Oregon.  As a judicial clerk, Clint participated in a variety of civil and criminal cases, and learned the internal workings of the circuit courts.

 In 2007, Clint became an associate attorney at the oldest and most prestigious defense firm in Oregon, Frohnmayer, Deatherage, et al.  At FD, Clint handled primarily civil defense cases, including wrongful death, personal injury and insurance claims. Clint quickly gained a reputation as one of the most aggressive litigators at the firm; proving successful in trial and arbitration.  There, Clint worked alongside Isaac Jackson, where together they learned how insurance companies defend the claims made against them; as well as how they adjust and evaluate the claims of injured persons.   

 In 2014, Clint and Isaac Jackson merged their respective solo practices, to form Jackson Jones LLC.  Having worked from the perspective of the insurance company, Clint and Isaac gained unique knowledge of how to best present personal injury claims to receive full compensation for damages suffered by injured people.

 Now, Jackson Jones Law is Clint Jones’ venue to do what he does best: litigate claims on behalf of injured persons.

Direct Answers from Clint:

Are you a fighter?

 Generally speaking, as it pertains to talking about myself, or marketing the workings of my firm, I dislike use of that type of “fighter” language.  I’ve litigated hundreds of cases in a workman like manner.  I realize that people may be drawn to the “fighter” image.  Frankly nothing could be less helpful to an injured person than a lawyer who is most concerned with acting like a tough guy.  To me, what you do is what matters.  I will say that my team is competitive; that we have a track record of contending for the best result possible for the client.

 Does that mean you go to trial on every case?

 Absolutely not.  The simple truth is that the majority of personal injury cases are not appropriate for trial.  I must stress that each case must be evaluated on its own facts and applicable law, but quite often the economics of the case, not necessarily the law, make trial of the case untenable.  There is a perception that personal injury lawyers get our clients the most money by big jury awards, but that is not necessarily a correct perception.  The question is not if a jury will award a large sum of money, but rather, will the client net more compensation in their pocket by settling, rather than trying the case. 

So do people need a lawyer if they intend to settle their case?

 Quite often, yes.  Each case is different and requires specific evaluation, but it is safe to say that any case involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death would benefit from having an attorney handling the claim. 

 What about cases where the injury is not “catastrophic” as you say – do they need a lawyer?

 Each case is unique, so sometimes yes, sometimes no.  That is why we provide free consultations.  Injured persons can call in and receive a free consultation.  And one of the main issues we help them understand is whether their case would benefit from having an attorney.  Often the answer to that question is that the case does not warrant hiring an attorney.  In other cases the injured person values most, having a lawyer handle the claim. We try to help people arrive at those answers without pressure, and free of charge. 

What does it mean when you say “No Pressure.  Just Answers.”?

 Every day we help injured people understand their circumstances and the law.  We provide free consultations on wrongful death and personal injury cases.  The most important goal of those consultations is to provide the answers people need, without the pressure of having to retain me as their lawyer.  I want people to be free to call with a question, and not feel like they are required to sign on as my client.  Loved ones of those wrongfully killed, and injured persons should be able to get the answers they need so that they have the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions for themselves and their family – beginning with: ‘do you even need an attorney?’    

What are your favorite kinds of cases?

 I specialize in personal injury, so generally speaking, I really enjoy this area of law.  I enjoy challenging cases; cases where, for instance, the factual circumstances are difficult, or the pertinent law is in a state of change.  I think the most rewarding cases are those where change happens because of your work: a guardrail is installed and a roadway becomes safer; businesses are more thoroughly vetted for fire safety and a second hazard is avoided; or, a problematic traffic light system is corrected.

What would you say about your current practice?

 I like my team.  My case manager, Vanessa, is incredible.  She is well versed in the lien and subrogation process, and her experience in all aspects of pre-litigation claim handling, from medical cost analysis to development of damages is second to none.  My paralegal, Nancy, is similarly talented.  Her focus is on cases in litigation.  She brings a wealth of life and work experience to the job.  She specializes in evidentiary development, discovery analysis and has the difficult task of working with me each day getting cases ready for trial.     

Why did you become an attorney?

 When I was young, my brother was hit by a drunk driver.  He needed hospitalization and critical care for months.  He still suffers from the injuries incurred in that accident.  During that time, I saw firsthand how his personal injury attorney helped him get the care he needed, and compensation.  I know what it is like for a family to not know exactly what to do when someone you care about is hurt.  There are so many questions about how insurance works, and how to pay the bills.  It can be overwhelming.  In short, I was inspired by seeing how the attorney was able to help my brother and our family. 

Why leave the big firm for a small law practice?

 I learned how to practice law at a moderately large firm, by Oregon standards that is.  The lawyers who mentored me are fantastic.  So I will never knock the larger firms; they have their place.  For me, however, I prefer the smaller, more nimble practice.  Litigating a case requires focus, and the ability to be flexible.  My practice is just that.  Focused on each of our client’s cases; ready to adjust when necessary.  I often tell clients: “you can call the office, and whoever you speak to will be familiar with your case, and able to help you.” 

What do you do for fun?

 Boxing, although nowadays it’s typically versus a bag.  Anything in the Oregon wilderness.  Birding, gardening, chess and practicing bad carpentry also take up significant parts of my free time.  I enjoy biblical archaeology and learning Hebrew.  Traveling with my wife, or meeting family members for a weekend is fun too.      

Summary Biography


  •  University of Oregon School of Law – Juris Doctor (2006)
  • California State University Long Beach – Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (2000)

Legal Work Experience

  • Partner – Jackson Jones LLC (2014 to present)
  • Partner – Clinton J. Jones Attorney at Law, P.C. (2010 – 2014)
  • Associate – Frohnmayer, Deatherage, et al. (2007-2010)
  • Judicial Clerk – Lane County Circuit Court (2006-2007)

Appellate Decisions:

  • IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company v. Michelle Mullins and Ryan Mullins, United States Court of Appeals 9th Circuit; case no. 16-35619 (pending).


·         Oregon State Bar (2006 to present)

·         United States District Court for the District of Oregon (2007 to present)

·         United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (2017)

·         Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (2010 to present)

·         Oregon Association of Defense Counsel (2007-2010)