Isaac Jackson

Isaac R. Jackson

Isaac Jackson

Working within the insurance industry since 1996, Isaac Jackson boasts two decades in the industry. He began working as an insurance salesman.

When Isaac became an attorney, his experience in insurance sales informed his expertise defending insurance companies at the law firm of Frohnmayer, Deatherage, et al., where he met his now legal partner, and co-founder, Clint Jones.

Working together, they became frustrated with large insurance companies gaining the most in personal injury claims. Clint and Isaac formed camaraderie and developed a shared vision to defend personal injury victims against the insurance companies. They formed Jackson Jones Law in 2008.

With Clint Jones filing cases and representing trials, Isaac Jackson became free to focus his attention on helping all of clients navigate the claims and resolution process.

Outside the office, Isaac is a family man, happily married to his high-school sweetheart and the proud father of five children – Nora, Jonah, Clara, Sarah and Emma. His hobbies include motorcycle riding, soccer, and coaching youth basketball and soccer.