What to do after and accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, even if it is a minor one, you will be glad you took some time to gather information in case you decide later to seek restitution.

Often times when you are involved in an auto accident, you may not immediately feel the affects. Later, you may find yourself fatigued, injured or sore from the impact. Here is a list of some actions to take upon realization of involvement in an auto accident.

  1. Stay where you are. Never drive away from an accident. It may take some time to wrap your head around what is taking place. Give yourself space to take in what has happened.
  2. Assess the scene. Look around and observe everything you can about the scene. Some questions you may consider: Who is there? What are they doing? What are you doing? What do the cars look like? What does the intersection look like?
  3. Keep record of the incident. Find something to write with and take notes. Jot down the color of the car(s), their license plate number(s), what sort of damage appears on the back/front of vehicle(s). Write down the name(s) and contact information for other individuals involved in the accident.
  4. Take pictures. Photograph the vehicles, the street and anything else that seems relevant.
  5. Reach out to authority. Call the police to help you assess the scene and any damage.
  6. Seek medical attention. In the case of some accidents, medical attention may be summoned in the form of ambulance or paramedics. For others, the impact may seem minor at first. Seek medical attention right away.