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We don’t practice in every area of law. Instead, Jackson Jones specializes in personal injury cases. For over a decade, Clint Jones has worked in this area of law, focused on handling personal injury cases, first as a defense attorney, and then as a plaintiff’s lawyer, and in so doing has developed a wealth of experience having successfully litigated hundreds of cases. At Jackson Jones, we use a team approach. We learn about our client, their circumstances, and their needs. And we pursue their case in a workmanlike manner, with the client’s best interests as the foremost objective.


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Injured While at Work - Workers’ Compensation Claims

Persons injured at work often benefit from consultation with an attorney. Generally speaking, there are two types of worker compensation claims, one where the injury occurs at work and is the result of some condition or instance that is created wholly by the employer or its agents. The second is a situation where the person is on the clock but is injured by a third party that is not associated with (in the control of) the employer. For instance, an employee may be driving to a job site, and be involved in an accident with another driver. In that case, the employee has a potential claim against the third party. Jackson Jones provides free consultations to those injured at work, to help them understand whether they have a viable third party claim, or whether their claim is limited to the remedies available under the Worker’s Compensation system.

Drunk Driver Accidents

Call Jackson Jones for a free consultation to determine your rights in a claim involving a drunk driver. Persons injured by a drunk driver are often called to testify in the criminal proceeding and requested to provide information for the award of restitution. It can be difficult to understand whether you have additional rights other than mere restitution awarded in the criminal matter. Restitution is all too often not sufficient to fully compensate the victim of the drunk driver. We can help. Jackson Jones has handled many cases involving drivers operating the car under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. A case involving driver impairment often benefits from having an attorney on the case early in the matter to ensure the appropriate development of evidence and in order to protect the victim. The drunk driver will have a lawyer, the state will have a prosecuting attorney, most times, it makes sense for the victim to have personal representation too.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims

If you have been injured by someone without sufficient insurance or no insurance at all, there is help. Jackson Jones specializes in handling claims involving uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists. Our firm has handled hundreds of cases involving instances where the at-fault driver did not carry enough insurance to compensate the injured party for their damages. Oregon law, through the insurance policies issued here, provides the injured person with help in these scenarios. Clint Jones has litigated numerous underinsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims, including on appeal. He is well versed in this dynamic, ever-changing area of law.

Semi-Truck Accidents

The Jackson Jones firm is committed to helping victims of semi truck accidents. Semi-truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury, and wrongful death. We know what you are going through if you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident involving a semi-truck. These accidents are devastating, claiming the lives of many each year. We are well versed in litigating these claims having been successful in handling them in court and pre-litigation settlement. Accidents involving semi-trucks and causing severe injury require the development of evidence regarding not just the damages incurred now, but the compensation necessary to pay for future damages.

Fire Accident Claims

Clint Jones is well versed in handling fire accident claims, and in particular, wrongful death claims resulting from fires. There are a few cases which benefit more from having immediate action by the attorney, and in particular, experts hired on your behalf. Fire accident claims often result in the need to have experts on the scene as immediately as possible. Evidence can be lost to destruction if it is not developed in a timely fashion.