Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Auto Accident Injury Attorney

auto accident injury attorney

After being in an auto accident the last thing you want to do is have to fight with insurance companies over your automobile accident claims. That is why it is beneficial to look for an auto accident injury attorney. An injury attorney can help you with your car accident injury case so that you can […]

What a Jury Doesn’t Know in Oregon Injury Trials


It may shock you to find out that jury trials are not about the complete truth. In many instances, juries only get to hear a portion of the facts. Indeed, jury members are often not allowed to know the entire law that pertains to a case. This blog will introduce two examples of those instances: […]

Motorcycle Accidents are Preventable


Since 2015, Oregon has required motorcyclists to obtain an endorsement prior to licensing. Currently, there are approximately 85,000 active motorcycle riders in Oregon. Many of those riders were licensed prior to the training endorsement requirement. Now, I understand that many motorcycle riders are circumspect about government interference in their life as a rider, the right […]

Which insurance company pays for Bicyclist / Pedestrian injuries?


If you’ve been in a pedestrian versus vehicle accident, or in a bicycle versus vehicle accident, this article will help you understand which insurance company is supposed to pay for your medical treatment costs. Insurance adjusters often get it wrong, and even the injured person can end up scratching their head wondering just exactly who […]

Wrongful Death


I’ve handled, investigated and analyzed many wrongful death cases, including deaths from structure fire, drowning, bicyclists hit by cars, persons killed by drunk drivers, negligently driven semi truck accidents which resulted in a person dying, and road construction designs that caused automobile accident deaths. The suddenness of the event, and the shock to the family, […]

Uninsured Motorists are on the Rise in Oregon


Recent statistics suggest that the percentage of uninsured drivers in Oregon is on the rise. Currently, it appears that the percentage of uninsured drivers in Oregon is approaching 13%. That statistic should be alarming to every Oregonian. Nationwide, the statistics are similarly concerning. What that means is that if you are in a motor vehicle […]

PIP Coverage in Oregon for Motorcycle Riders


Every automobile liability policy in Oregon is issued with PIP coverage, but the law does not require it for motorcycle insurance policies. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is a provision in your automobile policy that provides for medical expense coverage, and wage loss in the event of an accident. Often motorcycle riders are […]