Motorcycle Accidents are Preventable

Motorcycle Accidents are Preventable

Since 2015, Oregon has required motorcyclists to obtain an endorsement prior to licensing. Currently, there are approximately 85,000 active motorcycle riders in Oregon. Many of those riders were licensed prior to the training endorsement requirement.

Now, I understand that many motorcycle riders are circumspect about government interference in their life as a rider, the right to “get into the wind” so to speak. If you are a rider, then you are highly likely to also be someone who believes in personal freedom. So, the idea of having to take a training course, or having additional restrictions on your right to ride, is not a situation you embrace with open arms.

Motorcycle Training (Motorcycle Accidents Preventative)

Know this, in virtually every recreation allowing for mobility, be it flying a plane, riding a motorcycle, trail riding bicycles or parachuting, as a statistically provable matter, motorcycle accidents decrease as training increases. When the NTSB required aviators to be recertified every two years, accidents decreased. When you get regular, advanced training as a motorcycle rider, you increase the likelihood that you will not be in an accident.

You may be saying, but it’s not the rider, it’s the other drivers that make it dangerous. Assume that is true. Doesn’t it stand to reason that having advanced training in avoidance skills, precision maneuvering, and emergency braking techniques would help you avoid those bad drivers? You know it does.

Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program

I heartily endorse the Oregon State University, Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program. You can get advanced training in cornering, maneuvering, braking and refresher training on all the principle skills necessary to safely ride your motorcycle. Team Oregon has designed courses and programs to help even the most experienced riders, and with over 200 instructors in Oregon, you have access to a wealth of techniques and services that can make you a better rider.

Team Oregon trains everyone from law enforcement officers to beginners. Whether you ride a rocket, or a soft tail, you can benefit from regular training. Race car drivers get regular training. Stunt men get regular training. Aviators get regular training. Motorcycle riders should too.

Motorcycle accidents are more common than you think. Even an experienced rider can experience an accident. For information on how to handle a motorcycle accident claim check out our motorcycle accidents claims page.

Clint Jones

Clint Jones

Clint Jones is a personal injury litigation attorney, and has been practicing law in Oregon since 2006.