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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Auto Accident Injury Attorney

Hiring an auto accident injury attorney has many benefits for you when you have experienced an injury from an auto accident. After being in an auto accident the last thing you want to do is have to fight with insurance companies over your automobile accident claims. That is why it is beneficial to look for an auto accident attorney. An injury attorney can help you with your car accident injury case so that you can focus on healing. The following are the top 5 benefits of hiring an auto accident injury attorney.

1. Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind should be the most important benefit of hiring an auto accident attorney. After an accident, most individuals are not thinking clearly. Stresses such as how long will I be away from work or how will I pay my bills are commonplace. The last thing that you want to do is negotiate with insurance companies who do not have your best interest in mind. As the injured party, you need to focus on recovering from your accident, so you can get back to normal. You hire an attorney to help guide your case so that you can have peace of mind. 

2. Direct You To The Right Injury Care Professional

At Jackson Jones Law we pride ourselves in being a holistic injury law firm. Part of that process is getting you connected with the right professionals to help you care for your injuries. Whether your needs are an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or other specialist, an injury attorney will be able to direct you to those individuals who can help start the healing process. It is extremely important to use the right medical professionals in an auto accident claim. 

Not all medical professionals are versed in injury claims and sometimes these individual’s past records can be used in litigation, so it’s important to make sure the individuals helping you with your injuries know how to appropriately document injuries and care plans in order to best serve in negotiation and litigation.

3. Professional Negotiation Skills

An experienced auto accident injury attorney will have great negotiation skills. Insurance companies are not your friend when it comes to an injury claim. They want to minimize the amount of money that they payout and most individuals aren’t equipped with the right tactics to navigate such a negotiation. When you hire an auto accident injury attorney you are hiring them to handle every aspect of the negotiation. 

Negotiations are an important part of what a personal injury attorney does and because they do it often, they will have the best strategies and tactics to help you recover the most compensation from your auto insurance claim.

4. Expedite Your Case With An Auto Accident Injury Attorney

The injury claims process does take some time, but in certain circumstances, insurance companies can drag their feet. Your personal auto accident injury attorney can put the pressure on all the individuals involved in the process to make sure that you get the medical care and money that you need to heal within an appropriate amount of time. They will stay on top of those individuals who are making decisions for your case and make sure they are hitting the necessary deadlines.

5. Get You The Compensation You Deserve

Oregon laws which pertain to auto accidents may limit the amount of compensation an individual can receive from a claim, however, most insurance companies will fight to go far below these limits. Most individuals rarely have to negotiate with insurance companies, that is why it is so beneficial to leave this to a professional injury lawyer. 

Hiring an attorney will help fight for a fair payout for you so that you can take care of your needs that have been brought on by your injuries.There are many benefits to hiring an injury attorney and if you have been in an accident we highly recommend contacting an attorney. If you need help with an accident that has occurred in the state of Oregon feel free to contact Jackson Jones Law. If you have been injured in the state of Nevada feel free to contact one of our partnering law firms, Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC.

Clint Jones

Clint Jones

Clint Jones is a personal injury litigation attorney, and has been practicing law in Oregon since 2006.